“I have the oppurtunity to be on this earth and be a mother… who teaches about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I see it more as a privilege than anything… to me BEAUTY AND MOTHERHOOD ARE ONE.” said Stephanie Nielson in her autobiography video, My New Life. As you all know Mother’s Day is coming up and many are writing about mothers and how grateful they are for mothers. I would like to address the mothers all over the world to share with them that God is aware of you and your service, he has chosen you to be a strong mother today & that he so dearly loves you, DONT EVER GIVE UP! For those who are not married or have no kids, you are not exempt from this message, you too are a daughter of God. The following video is a great video on a mother who was in a plane crash & survived to tell her story. Although not what she prayed for or expected her trial became an answer to someone elses’ prayer. Stephanie Nielson said in her video, “I am grateful for this trial and its a blessing, even though its hard and challenging and it will be for a while… I view my role as more divine…”…None of it is me, I dont take any credit. I pray and get answers and I do it.” In todays’ world women beleive that if they have accomplished something great that they leave their mark here on earth because of the love and adoration of man. However, like Stephanie as women in the world today, we must always know that all glory and gratitude goes to the God who gave us Life. Stephanie has been such a great example to others as a mother, cousin, daughter, aunt and friend. She was chosen to have gone through such a difficult trial to bless over thousands of lives. In the comment section of Stephanies’ video an atheist replies, “I’m an athiest… and i think this is just wonderful. We are all different and believe different things, or nothing. Stephanie is truly an insperation, and I read her blog daily. The love she has for her family and her life truly shines brightly enough to make my own relationships better and make me value and love life and family more. I don’t care if this is a “Mormon Message”. It’s a human message, It’s a love message.” She has blessed many by living up to her divine purpose as a mother and wife. Please, I invite all mothers and actually everyone to watch this video & truly be inspired to want to overcome those situations that only God can help you overcome. Mothers, I know its hard; but know that you have been chosen to be a light in this world for the children everywhere.  “When suffering, we may in fact be nearer to God than we’ve ever been in our entire lives.” (elder holland)-  This is for the mothers who’s lost a child, a husband, a friend, etc. For the mother who has been abused physically, verbally, emotionally. The mother who couldnt have a child at all; for the mother who just cant afford the diapers or food this week; this is for the mother who is portrayed as perfect, but in reality cannot handle what the world has to offer; for the mother who doesnt think she is beautiful; THIS IS FOR THE DAUGHTER READING THIS THAT BELONGS TO AN ETERNAL, COMPASSIONATE, HEAVENLY MOTHER.

I love you. He loves you. DONT GIVE UP MOTHERS! I bear my testimony that a woman is the crowning jewel of God’s plan. If it were not for the love, touch and creation of a mother, the plan would not be complete. I love you mom, from New York to California. A few last words for my mother who gave me Life. I have never, ever met or have been around a woman who emulates the Saviors’ Love so much than my mother, Kasa Nita Tuitavake. She has been through so much raising many children on her own; dealing with divorce, abuse and financial hardship. She has overcome it all and still is striving to show her kids and those around her why God has sent her here. She loves God and now so do I.  Happy Mothers’ Day to you all, in His holy name, Jesus Christ, Amen.